ADHD Job Squad™ is a supportive, community-based site for people at all levels of their career-to-job journey.


  • You are paralyzed by the thought of making a (bad) career choice?
  • No one gets you or the ADHD challenges you have?
  • You need to spend more time on your job search, but you are not sure where to start or what the steps are?
  • You do better with directions, activities/worksheets, accountability partners, positive support, patience, and a space to just be you?
  • You get asked over and over again (from loving friends and family) What are you doing? What will you be doing? When are you going to look for a job? How are you going to look for a job?
  • You're nervous about re-entering the workforce after being away for the last year, or longer?
  • You have problems getting to work on time? And controlling your anger at work?
  • You are stuck and don't know how to move forward?
  • You might want to tell your boss (and/or co-workers) about your ADHD, but you are not sure how to do that and where to find out about employment laws? Can they fire me if I tell them I have ADHD? or if I tell them I take medication?
  • You're worried the people you are networking with or interviewing you will judge or look down on you because of - your GPA, your work experience, your education level, your resume, or your skills?


I'm here to 
help you feel heard, supported, and empowered...
and find the career you love.

Stop spinning your wheels, listening to incorrect and unproductive advice, and feeling down about yourself because you haven't landed a job you love!

I have a step-by-step, proven coaching system to help you get unstuck and find a job that you're happy with and comfortable at. 

You don't have to struggle alone.

We are here to support you:

  • getting started: time management, organization, past experiences

  • learning about yourself: interests, skills, values

  • exploring different careers: networking, 30-second pitch, LinkedIn, branding

  • job search: resume, cover letter, applications, interviews, salary negotiation, follow-up, disclose or not disclose

  • on-the-job: how ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits get in the way, strategies for success and accountability

  • campus-to-career success: for any student, freshman and beyond


Clients coached who have found a job they love


Success rate with clients who follow my step-by-step program


Feel heard, understood, empowered and supported

Lynn showed me there were specific “career steps” that I needed to do before I applied for jobs. The process is not a quick one, but I now have a successful business AND I am managing my ADHD much better since working with Lynn. I am absolutely thrilled I can now reflect on and share my unique skills, experience, and strengths, use my talents and make money in my own business! What a relief!

Mary Brighton | retail store owner

Hi, I'm Lynn!

I love that you are here and here's why:  It's my mission to help you feel heard, supported, empowered and loved... and find the career you'll love.

Using my step-by-step, proven coaching process. I will help you get unstuck and find a job that you're happy with and comfortable at - together we'll find the career you'll thrive in.

If you're ready to invest in yourself and career and not allow your ADHD to define you and limit your thoughts...



When you choose to work with me, you'll be investing in yourself and your future.  

The ADHD JOB SQUAD™ is the name of our community of like-minded individuals with ADHD that are seeking guidance, coaching, and support to find the right career fit, search for a job and get the resources they need to thrive on the job with ADHD.

I'll be your guide to help you down your career path - educating you, providing guidance, helping you learn about yourself, getting you unstuck, supporting you during your job search, and empowering you to succeed at work... and more. 

 Let's do this!

What I loved about working with Lynn is that she really understood my ADHD much better than I did. Lynn shared so much amazing information about how my Executive Functioning Deficits (and challenges) were getting in the way of my success on the job AND success when looking for a new job.

Joseph Stevenson | video game designer

Before working with Lynn, I sent out 100 resumes applying to online jobs without really knowing what I was doing. I got NO responses at all. I thought I was getting rejected because of my age, I am 60. In our first session, I learned about how my resume, although visually appealing, was probably being rejected by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). That was a huge relief - that it was not me..

Sharon Littleton | account executive

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