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Education, guidance, and support to help teens and adults experiencing the symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges, and Learning Differences select a career, search for a job, succeed at work and more.

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Meet Lynn Miner-Rosen

Through her thriving coaching practice, her signature membership and e-learning resource the ADHD JOB SQUAD™, and her private Facebook community, Lynn has coached hundreds of teens and adults experiencing the symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges and Learning Differences as they navigate all aspects of the career development process from career selection to on-the-job success. She believes with the right guidance, support and encouragement anyone, regardless of special circumstances, can navigate through confusion, career anxiety, and self-doubt to find their career fit, search for a job, switch to a new career, or succeed at work so they can build a life and career they love.
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  • Top 3 Tips for Working From Home with ADHD

    Common neurotypical recommendations for successfully working from home like getting up early and creating a dedicated workspace don’t always work for adults with ADHD. Learn three of Lynn Miner-Rosen’s favorite ways to have more successful workdays from home for adults with ADHD.

  • Do You Need a LinkedIn Profile?

    Do you need a LinkedIn Profile? The short answer is “yes”! The BEST way to get a job is through your connections. Some experts say that 70 percent of people…

  • Why Career Development Is Essential For Adults with ADHD

    Career development, also known as career planning, is essential to your future success because it provides you with a clear sense of the direction you would like your career to go.

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  • Getting a job is not easy for anyone. The best way to get an interview, then the job, is through having a connection, recommendation, or introduction to the person hiring or company.

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