1:1 ADHD Coaching

ADD/ADHD coaches provide accountability, support and encouragement.

ADHD Coaching: What Is It?

Having ADD/ADHD symptoms can be problematic on its own…


But the real issue is when your functioning is impaired.


How does this show up? In adult ADD/ADHD, impairment in functioning can come out in these types of situations:

  • Paying bills and keeping up with paperwork

  • Meetings

  • Setting goals and achieving them

  • Handling relationships

  • Coping with frustrations

  • and much more…


One way to help with your ADD/ADHD symptoms is coaching.


What do ADD/ADHD Coaches do?

  • ADD/ADHD Coaches work with people in a collaborative way. 

  • Whereas therapy is often looking backward – i.e. previous issues or challenges and how they can be understood differently – coaches are forward-focused – i.e. functioning in the present and in the future.

ADD/ADHD Coaches help people to:

  • Find their strengths

  • Develop strategies for their areas of challenge

  • Pull in the resources they need

  • Develop skills to take care of themselves

  • And a whole lot more…


The coaching relationship is a very collaborative one – where the coach works with the individual to work on his/her own goals, challenges, and issues.

What our clients have to say

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