ADHD Job Squad

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All About ADHD Job Squad™

Thrive in a life and career that you love.

Our Mission is to coach adults and college students, worldwide, at the highest standards and ethics, with professionalism and current research-based information in the specialization areas of our coaches. 


Our team supports our clients, followers, and families in understanding and mastering strategies to live an exceptional life with or without experiencing the symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges, and Learning Differences.   


ADHD JOB SQUAD™ is a division of LMR Coaching and provides individual and group career and job coaching at all stages of a person's work-job life. At ADHD JOB SQUAD™, our team has special knowledge, education, and expertise about the symptoms and struggles that come with ADHD, #neurodiversity, learning differences, and others, when choosing a career, finding a job, learning about different career paths, and being your best self On-The-Job. ADHD JOB SQUAD™ offers a wide range of resources and tools to navigate all aspects of career development, job search, and on-the-job performance. 

Lynn Miner-Rosen designed the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ based on her years of experience helping hundreds of adults with and without ADHD and other executive functioning challenges thrive in their lives and careers. Her mission is to provide high-quality, research-based education and a judgment-free community to support teens and adults experiencing the symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges, or Learning Differences throughout all phases of their career development journey.

Through her coaching work, she has discovered that most people don’t know what they want to do or what career would be a good fit for them. Career anxiety, or the negative emotions experienced before or during various stages of the career decision-making process and during job performance, is incredibly common. This anxiety can prevent anyone with (or without) ADHD from knowing which steps to take next. The ADHD JOB SQUAD™’s free resources, website, and private Facebook Community are here to guide and support anyone experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, overwhelm, or self-doubt around their career fit, job search, or professional performance to identify their next best steps. 

Lynn and her coaching team’s coaching, instruction, encouragement, and support are here to help you improve your self-confidence, open your mind to all types of successful future possibilities, and guide you to thrive during all phases of your career.