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Do You Need a LinkedIn Profile?

Do you need a LinkedIn Profile? The short answer is “yes”!

The BEST way to get a job is through your connections. Some experts say that 70 percent of people ended up in their current position thanks to networking. Others say it’s more like 80 percent or even 85 percent. LinkedIn is not only a fantastic place to make connections, but according to a CareerBuilder survey 47 percent of employers are unlikely to interview a job candidate if they cannot find the candidate online. 

Don’t be invisible online! 

Many of my clients with ADHD put off building a LinkedIn profile because someone told them that they don’t have to worry about using LinkedIn yet or that nobody uses LinkedIn.  If you have little to no presence on LinkedIn or your presence on LinkedIn is old, outdated, or incomplete, it could be killing your credibility and costing you opportunities. 

I recommend trading in being invisible for carefully managing your online presence so you can emphasize the things you want to emphasize. Employers use tools like LinkedIn to confirm the information on your resumé. They also use LinkedIn to observe how you communicate, your knowledge, your skills, and your attitude. Potential employers and connections can learn quite a bit about you through social media and search engines. Potential employers will often do an online search before inviting you for an interview, even if your resume is outstanding.  

Things to Keep In Mind When Setting Up Your Profile

When you set up your LinkedIn profile it’s important that you take the time to make it as professional as possible. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for anybody that’s looking for a job, researching career options, or networking with others.  LinkedIn isn’t only for job seekers, it’s a useful tool to use before and AFTER your job search. It’s a great tool for researching potential careers, and an easy way for you to build a professional network. 

But before you use it to research potential careers, build a network, or search for a job, you must have a strong professional LinkedIn profile for YOU. I recommend setting aside at least an hour or two to thoroughly set up your profile. I find setting aside time in your calendar can help you to not put it off. 

Start Building Your LinkedIn Profile

Start by gathering all the information you might need to create your profile. You’ll need information from different sources like your resumé, past or prior job descriptions and prior performance evaluations to help you highlight your accomplishments. I also recommend creating your profile on your computer rather than on a smartphone or tablet. It’s much easier to enter information accurately and you can access more features. 

Get started by downloading our free checklist, 4 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves, to help you start building a LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed.

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