What is the ADHD JOB SQUAD™?

The ADHD JOB SQUAD™ teaches straightforward, effective career development strategies and provides judgment free support to adults experiencing symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges and Learning Differences.

Whether you’re trying to figure out your career fit, find a job you like, or succeed at work, the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ will help you reach your goals.

It’s designed by certified ADHD and Career Coach Lynn Miner-Rosen to provide you with tried and true strategies and a supportive environment to help you overcome uncertainty, career anxiety, and self-doubt through all aspects of the career development process.

Who is the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ For?

ADHD JOB SQUAD™ welcomes anyone, regardless of disability or challenges, who wants to thrive at all stages of their career development and job search process. When you become an ADHD JOB SQUAD™ member, we’ll help you:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Leverage you unique strengths
  • Focus and better prioritize your time
  • Build a network
  • Write a resumé for ATS System
  • Craft a 30-second pitch
  • Give a strong interview
  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Navigate the job application process
  • Negotiate your salary
  • Navigate ADHD symptoms and other special challenges on the job
  • Make smart career decisions
  • Smoothly transition from college to career

How Does ADHD JOB SQUAD™ Work?

When you become an ADHD JOB SQUAD™ member you get access to live guidance, on-demand education, and judgment free support to help you thrive in your career.

Members can attend all ADHD JOB SQUAD™ live workshops with ADHD Career Coach Lynn Miner-Rosen and conversations with top experts to get step-by-step advice and answers to your career questions.

Plus, members get on demand access to our full library of past workshops and expert conversations as well as Lynn’s favorite worksheets, checklists, and resources

Members also get access to live weekly Office Hours where Lynn answers your questions and offers strategic advice to ensure you know your next best steps as you move your career forward.

What Does the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ Include?

Monthly LIVE Workshop
Membership Feature Expert Conversations
Monthly Conversations with Top Experts
Membership Feature Weekly Office Hours
Weekly Live Q & A with Founder Lynn Miner-Rosen
Membership Feature Workshop Archive
On Demand Access to Past Workshops and Expert Conversations
Membership Feature Resource Library
Curated List of Lynn’s Favorite Tools to Help You Thrive
Membership Feature Supportive Community
A Private, Supportive Facebook Community

“When I began working with Lynn, I was just hoping to solve my current challenges. But as we started talking about my childhood and time in school, and the future, my dreams and passions, I was actually building self-awareness. And it became an immediate asset in my interview process. The afternoon before I interviewed, I had an in-depth discussion about my greatest struggles and accomplishments with Lynn, things I don’t usually think about. Thanks to Lynn, I was able to present myself as a mature, well-grown individual; I have better self-awareness and can articulate that to others”

— Will H.
Who Teaches the <em>ADHD JOB SQUAD™</em>?
Who Teaches the ADHD JOB SQUAD™?

Through her thriving coaching practice, her signature membership and e-learning resource the ADHD JOB SQUAD™, and her private Facebook community, Lynn has coached hundreds of teens and adults experiencing the symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges and Learning Differences as they navigate all aspects of the career development process from career selection to on-the-job success.

She believes with the right guidance, support and encouragement anyone, regardless of special circumstances, can navigate through confusion, career anxiety, and self-doubt to find their career fit, search for a job, switch to a new career, or succeed at work so they can build a life and career they love.

Get Instant Access to the ADHD JOB SQUAD™!

Pay Monthly
  • Recurring payment – cancel anytime. Cancellation effective at end of monthly billing cycle.
Pay Annually
  • BEST VALUE: Save $155 when you join on an annual subscription, a 17% savings!

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Not Sure If the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ is Right For You?

The ADHD JOB SQUAD™ is NOT for everyone, and to be honest, we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s the right fit BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. 

Who is This Membership For?

  • People who want to find a career fit that works for them.
  • Job seekers who want to find and get a job they love.
  • Career switchers who want to change to a career field they love.
  • People looking for support and advice on how to navigate their symptoms of ADHD and other special challenges while at work.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking help clarifying their passions and business ideas.
  • College students who want to smoothly transition from college to career.

Who is the Membership NOT For?

  • People looking for private one-to-one life coaching services.
  • Those looking for a job placement service or recruiter.
  • Anyone looking for a quick fix or not willing to dedicate time to their career development process. Successful career development takes time and effort.
  • People unwilling to do the work. There is no magic here. You get out what you put in.
  • Someone looking for done- for- you services.
  • People expecting guaranteed results – we know what we teach works, but we can’t guarantee specific results.

We want you to succeed – and that all starts by making sure the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ is right for you before you join.

Still Have Questions?

We completely understand. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have about the ADHD JOB SQUAD™.

“Before working with Lynn I had immense trouble with primarily time management but also organizational skills and balancing priorities. These factors let to perpetual stress and discordance between my efforts and their results. Lynn enhanced my ability to identify my specific strengths and weaknesses that increased my self-confidence and allowed me to manage my limitations. “

— Kevin G.

Get Instant Access to the ADHD JOB SQUAD™!

Pay Monthly
  • Recurring payment – cancel anytime. Cancellation effective at end of monthly billing cycle.
Pay Annually
  • BEST VALUE: Save $155 when you join on an annual subscription, a 17% savings!

*Click here to learn more about our 6 month billing option.


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