ADHDLove w/ Yakini Pierce

Lynn talks about her career journey, her and her son’s ADHD diagnosis, how she created ADHD Job Squad, and she shares her insights for those with ADHD on finding careers. 


Finding work for the ADHD Brain

Join us in this lively conversation about Finding Work for the ADHD Brain with Duane Gordon, president of ADDA and Lynn Miner-Rosen, credentialed coach of LMR Coaching.

Janet Lansbury: Unruffled

Lynn joins Janet Lansbury on her parenting podcast, Unruffled.  

Listen to the podcast about ADHD and How to Support All Children to Fulfill Their Dreams.


Tracy Otsuka's ADHD for Smart Ass Women

Join Lynn as she discusses the pandemic job market, why women are struggling the most, and what we need to consider if thinking about a career change.