Wendi Zimmerman

Exclusive Coach/ ADHD & Life Coach

Wendi Zimmerman, M.EdL.

ADHD, Life and Career Coach with LMR Coaching the ADHD JOB SQUAD™.


I have been where you probably are right now, feeling overwhelmed with life and job responsibilities and seeking a better road map for success.   Unfortunately, solutions don’t come out of the box, ready to plug and play, so over the years I had to create my own unique ways to organize my thoughts, activities, time-management, and manage the common pitfalls of life with ADHD and I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you!


I hold multiple degrees and professional trainings and certifications in Business Management Administration, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Educational Leadership.  I have been helping professionals and young people with and without learning differences for over 30 years. I know firsthand the strengths and challenges they face and have a toolbox full of creative strategies to support my clients on a path of continued growth. I pride myself on helping others identify their challenges quickly and guiding clients in effective strategy creation focused on reaching their full potential.